Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Garde Regiment zu Fuss

As previously stated the GRzF was raised as a single bataillon of four Kompagnieren. Unlike the line regiments however, the Kompagnieren were not numbered, but were always known by their Captain's names, and each company colour bore the badge of its captain. When the regiment was expanded, first to two, and later to three bataillons the custom continued. After the experience of fighting alongside the British Army, Albrecht decided that each bataillon, including the Garde, should carry a pair of colours, The Margrafenfahne, which consisted of the national flag together with such devices as were proper for the regiment and a bataillonsfahne in the facing colour of the Regiment, again augumented with the devices appropriate to the regiment.
For GRzF the naming and placing of these colours were reversed. With the Margrafenfahnen having a field of crimson (regimental facings) and the bataillonsfahnen being the national flag. The raising of additional bataillons of the Garde necessitated the forming of new Kompagnieren and the allocation of badges. In compliment to his allies, Margraf Albrecht I nominated them the position of honorary captains in the GRzF. For example the senior Kompagnie of the 2nd bataillon had as its honorary captain the Duke of Braunschweig, and th Kompagnie badge was the Braunschweig Horse and Motto "Nunquam Retrorsum", the Kompagnie being known as Garde zu Fuss Kompagnie Herzog von Braunschweig (The Duke of Brunswick's Company of Foot Guards).
When the decision was taken to change the allocaion of colours, the badge of the senior kompagnie of each bataillon was adopted as the badge to be borne on the Margfenfahne. The remaining three kompagnie badges were to be borne, in rotation, on the Bataillonsfahnen of each bataillon. Fahnen were only replaced when they became too badly damaged to repair. Replacement colours bore the crown of the Margraf during whose reign they were issued, so that by 1790 while the Margrafenfahnen bore the crown of Albrecht I, the bataillonsfahnen bore the crown of Karl-Friederich II.

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