Thursday, 27 March 2008

Herr Otto Flick, 1670(?) - 1732

Herr Otto Flick is a mystery man. Nothing is known of his origins or of his early years. He arrived at Schloss Neuhaus in 1692 and obtained a junior post in the Margraf's Secretariat. Promotion was swift, due in no small part to a spate of unfortunate accidents, untreatable illnesses and early retirements on health grounds among his superiors. By 1698 Herr Flick was the Chief Secretary and de facto Chancellor cum First Minister of State. He continues to maintain his privacy, and enquiries pertaining to his personal life are met with an icy stare and silence.

Whatever his origins, Herr Flick proved to be fanatically loyal to the ruling house. He is of an undoubtedly high level of intelligence, though perhaps not quite as clever as he thinks he is. He delights in formulating convoluted schemes in order to obtain his ends, and is not particularly scrupulous as to the methods he employs to achieve his aim.

He is inclined to be arrogant, and in the words of his assistant, Herr Erich von Smallhausen, "is a vicious, rotten bully". He cultivates an air of icy detachment, but is constantly aware of circumstances in Ober Nord Westfalen and to a lesser extent of occurrences in Hannunter and the Vikmark, It is thought that he manages a network of intelligence agents both within and outside the borders of Ober Nord Westfalen, although he quite calmly denies this, staring down any questioner with his unsettling pale eyes. The lack of any funds earmarked for intelligence purposes make this allegation difficult to either prove or disprove.

Flick habitually dresses in black, with the affectation of black-edged lace at collar and cuffs. His most noticeable features are his heavy limp - he walks with a cane - and the livid scar that runs from the top of his left ear to the corner of his mouth. He neither drinks, smokes or gambles, but despite his aloofness he is a man of strong passions and voracious appetite.

Flick is utterly ruthless, using, abusing and discarding others as he sees fit. It was reported by a former assistant (now deceased) that Flick shows affection only for his pedigree long-haired cat, an animal which he is reputed to pamper outrageously and spend hours grooming.

Although Flick may, at times, seem to be a caricature, be warned. He is a very dangerous individual.

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abdul666 said...

"1670(?) - 1732"...
Then ,his biography being obviously written after 1732, we may expect interesting details about the achievements, and ultimate departure of this worthy one...