Friday, 7 March 2008

Line of Succession

Unfortunately, earlier records were lost in the Great Fire of Der Alte Schloss in 1507, however the family claims to have held the title since the 13th Century, also claiming that the lost records prove descent from one of Charlemagne's Paladins. Whether the reader prefers to believe or disbelieve this claim is entirely up to the individual, however doubts aired as to the veracity of the family's claim could lead to a long walk and a short drop.

Ferdinand-Josef I, ???
Karl-Heinz, b?, a?, d1516
Wilhelm-Friederich, b1480?, a1516, d1568
Ferdinand-Josef II, b1518, a1568, d1575
Franz-Wilhelm, b1549, a1575, d1607
Karl-Friederich I, b1578, a1607, d1634 (KIA Nordlingen)
Johannes I, b1603, a1634, d1700
Albrecht I, b1657, a1700, d1730 (m Countess Katerina Proskova of Prague 1700)
Johannes II, b1701, a1730, d1763
Karl Friederich II, b1729, a1763, d1777
Ferdinand Josef III, b1756, a1777, d1800
Albrecht II, b1778, a1800

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