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Uniforms 1807-1813

Uniforms 1807 - 1813

1 2 3 4

1. Musketier, IR 4, Winter Parade Dress

2. Hauptfeldwebel Reitendeartillerie, Winter Parade Dress

3. Reiter, LDR Nr 1, Parade Dress

4. Obergefreiter der Grenadieren, IR 1, Summer Parade Dress

After the army was almost totally destroyed at Jena, the Margrave Albrecht II undertook a complete modernisation of organisation, drill, tactics and uniform.

The uniform adopted was fairly heavily influenced by the French uniform, but retained its traditional colours and its own distinctive elements, such as Polish Cuffs and the retention of the mourning braid on Infantry and Artillery coatees.
The basic line infantry uniform was a Prussian Dragoon Blue short-tailed coatee, worn with grey overalls (buff breeches with black gaiters were envisaged for Winter Full-Dress with white gaiters substituted for Summer Full-Dress). The coatee of the Infantry and artillery bore the black mourning braid adopted in 1761 in memory of the Margravin Katerina. White cross-belts supported cartridge pouch and bayonet, a black knapsack with rolled blanket was worn on the back. Grenadiers wore blue tufts on their shakos, Musketiers (Centre Coys) wore white, while Fusiliers (Lt Coy) wore green tufts. Officers and RSMs wore a tall feather plume either in company colours or in scarlet for Bataillon and Regimental staff. Facings wore worn on collar, cuffs, shoulder straps and turnbacks, all piped with the regimental lace, as were the simulated pockets on the coat-tails. Officers' sashes were deep yellow. All cross-belts were white, as were musket slings

Regiment Erherzog Karl-Wilhem, (IR 1) blue facings, gold/yellow lace
Regiment Graf von Stulpnagel, (IR 2) scarlet facings, silver/white lace
Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm (IR 3), buff facings, white/silver lace
Regiment Freiherr Franz von Lippe (IR 4), black facings, gold/yellow lace
Garde Regiment zu Fusse, crimson facings, gold/yellow lace
Schutzen Bataillon – Green coatees, and dark grey breeches worn with black knee gaiters. Facings were black and lace was silver/white. Cross belts and musket slings were black.

Only the Garde wore epaulettes, and these were yellow piped crimson for the ORs and gold for the officers, and Hauptfeldwebeln (Regimental Sergeant Majors).

Both regiments of Ritter wore brass-plated neo-classical helmets with a black woollen crest, a blue single -breasted coatee with plastron lapels (normally buttoned over in campaign dress), buff breeches and black 'butcher' boots. All ranks wore buff gauntlets. Trumpeters wore reversed colours, a white woollen crest and epaulettes in the regimental lace.

Ritter Regiment Erherzogin Anna-Maria Nr 1 – Scarlet facings, gold/yellow buttons and lace.
Ritter Regiment Kronprinz Erwin Nr 2 – Dark blue facings, silver/white buttons and lace.

Both regiments were mounted on black horses, the trumpeters riding greys. Horse furniture for both regiments was similar to that of French Cuirassier). Fleeces were black (white for trumpeters) and shabraques and valises in the facing colour (reversed again for trumpeters).

The Leichte Dragoner Regiments wore a similar coatee to the Ritter Regiments but in dark blue with dark grey overalls. Facings were worn on collar, cuffs, turnbacks and shoulder straps and as a double stripe down the outside of the overall legs. Headgear was a black shako with a dark blue plume worn at the front. Trumpeters did not wear reversed colours, but did wear a large white plume on their shakos. Horse furniture was a black fleece and a dark blue shabraque with a double row of edging in the facing colour.

Leichte Dragoner Regiment von Ahlberg, Nr 1, crimson facings,silver/white lace
Leichte Dragoner Regiment von Mulheim, Nr 2, light blue facings, silver/white lace
Leichte Dragoner Regiment Erherzog Wilhelm-Josef, Nr 3, Buff facings, gold/yellow lace
Leichte Dragoner Regiment Graf Manneheim, Nr 4, White facings, gold/yellow lace.

All ranks rode bay or chestnut horses.

The artillery uniform was dark blue throughout with black facings for the Reitendeartillerie (two troops) and scarlet facings for the Feldartillerie (four companies), both branches wore gold/yellow lace, and all coatees had the traditional mourning braid. Horse gunners had a trumpeter per troop, while the field gunners had a drummer per coy. Bay horses were the preferred colour for artillery gun horses and gunner's mounts.


abdul666 said...

Looking forward to learn more!

As for the differences between 1 & 4: what comes from being Musketiers vs Grenadier (the collar, French-fashion? Or rather only the ponpom on the shako.) and being from different IR (the cuffs? All facings?).

Defeat and military reforms generally don't change traditional uniform colors, only political revolution does (yes, I know, Napoleonic Spain does't follow the rule - yet the very short presence of a Bonaparte on the throne led to a 'quasi-revolutionary' turnmoil).
Thus we can 'imagine' what the forces of Ober Nord Westfalen looked like by the Lace Wars.

Re. 'EvE', Jeff, (co?-)owner and moderator of the blog, approved in the time of this post on the TMP describing 'Emperor vs Elector' and giving his e-mail address: hope to see you there!

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As for their appearance during the Lace Wars... Different cut but same 'traditional' colors.
IR "= Brunswick Line": looked quite 'Prussian' during the 18th C.;
LD "= French Chasseurs": when the Chasseurs à Cheval appeared (as ex-light squadrons of the Dragoons regiments) their uniform was extremely simple and rather 'generic'.
Now, the braids... David did none SYW template with such, I'm afraid... Copy & paste?


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Honoured Margraf,
please pardon my (silly) previous question: I was in a hurry, just looked only at the picture (really enjoying it) and at the time did not clearly remembered your exhaustive description on the TMP -sorry.
Now, I'm just curious: did the Guards (French Grenadiers) were paint-converted to wear the mounrning braids?
(Thanks for posting the corresponding notice on 'EvE', btw).


Byrhthelm said...

No, I cheated on that one - they were in greatcoats!

But... while I'm re-painting anyway, I might just invest in some grenadiers and paint them with the braid!