Sunday, 20 April 2008

So little time. so much to do...

Do not think I have been neglecting this little corner of my blog-world - although I have! I have a tremendous amount of things to do on my list. I have the ONW Napoleonic Amy to re-paint - and I seemed to have stalled on that, but half a battalion (or a battery of artillery) a day seems to be the current rate. My Other Napoleonic Army (Brunswickers doing duty as Brunswickers) having been in storage for years are also in need of a repaint, plus the replacement of a few casualties, I have two Coys of Mindens that are half-complete (One to be finished today!), and I am awaiting a battalion of RSM Frenchers to be used as Hannunterian Foot/Guards (I haven't decided until I see the figures!). On top of all that I have been designing colours, standards and guidons and drafting Regulations for the Hannunterian Army (see And, of course, developing the eighteenth-century ONW storyline at Schloss Neuhaus!

All this on top of domestic chores (like plastering walls, sanding new plaster, painting said plaster, cooking dinners, washing up, etc, etc) and attending an IT Training Course, as well as putting my Mother's house up for sale!

I am still waiting to get my hands on a digital camera, but when I do, then photos will surely appear. Until then, I can only crave your patience.

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abdul666 said...

We stay tuned - you manage to carry Real World ™ and mutiple hobbying activities with an impressive efficiency.