Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Just to let everyone know that I have updated my website at


The main effect has been to upgrade the image of the ONW Arms and the addition of some illustrations to the 'Family', 'History' and 'Army' pages.


abdul666 said...

Interesting, as always.

I suppose the change of the grenadier mitre to a bearskin followed the example of Prussia, and that bearskin and tricornes were substituted with shakos when OSW became part of the CotR. Thus bearskins appeared 'in the field' only during the fateful campaign of 1805.
Now I have a problem with the blue plume of the 1806 grenadier and the white pom-pon of the musketeer, since it doesn't fit with descriptions at earlier and later dates... A temporary reversal, or an archivist lapsus calami immortalized by Knötel and Funcken?

Wonder what the pioneers and Militär Transportiert / Transportkorps uniforms looked like?


Byrhthelm said...

Oops! There was indeed a slip of the pen at one stage! The correct colours for line infantry shako plumes (1807-1815+)are:

Grenadiers: Blue
Musketiers: White
Fusiliers: Green

These distinctions were followed by the GRzF until 1813 when a blavk horse falling plume was adopted. The Grenadier Regt formed in 1813 also wore a falling horsehair plume, but in white.

I have found one errant post and corrected the information therein. Thanks for picking up on an elementary error.

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