Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Organisations and Orbats

Doh!! I just realised I hadn't yet done the infantry organisation for 1701! So:

1 Gruppe = 15 soldaten + 1 Grefreiter/Obergefreiter)
1 Sektion = 2 Gruppen (1 Obergefreiter, 1 Gefreiter, 30 Soldaten)
1 Zug = 2 Sektionen = 64 soldaten + 1 Leutnant or Oberleutnant, 1 Unteroffizier = 66
1 Kompagnie = 4 Zugen = 264 + 1 Hauptmann (OC), 1 Oberleutnant (2IC), 1 Feldwebel (CSM), 1 Stabsunteroffizier (CQMS), 1 Stabsgefreiter (Coy Clerk/Asst QM), 1 Drummer.
1 Bn = 5 Kompagnieren = 1320 + 1 Oberstleutnant (CO), 1 Major (2IC), 1 Oberleutnant (Adjt), 1 Oberfeldwebel (Bn SM), 1 Feldwebel (Bn QMS), 1 Stabsgefreiter (Bn Dmr) =1326
1 Regt = 2 Bns = 2640 + 1 Oberst (CO), 1 Major (2IC), 1 Hauptfeldwebel (RSM), 1 Oberfeldwebel (RQMS), 1 Unteroffizier (Regt Dmr) = 2645.

NB: The 1st Kompagnie of each bataillon is a grenadier company, almost always detached and converged with the grenadiers of another regiment to form a Grenadier Bataillon.


thistlebarrow said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

I have visited before, but not left a comment.

I was interested that you paint your napoleonic figures in fictional uniforms. Why is that. Why not use Napoleonic Westphalian uniforms?

Also do you wargame with your figures?

Finally what is the aim of your blog. Is it just to chart the progress of a fictional country, or is there some objective?



Byrhthelm said...

To try and answer your questions:

The origin of ONW is almost lost in the mists of time. Briefly, when I was younger I did a lot of travelling both in the UK and Europe. When I did manage from time to time to find a club, I was faced with complaints that i couldn't use my then Napoleonic army because it would unbalance the game, so i developed a fictiional country with fictional uniforms that could fight on either side of the table. In some cases the infantry and cavalry ended up on opposing sides. But at least I got a game!

So, yes, i do wargame with my fictional figures, which are in the process of a massive repaint - some 2,000 infantry and 200 cavalry plus artillery in proportion (24 guns plus limbers detachmetns and horses).

As for future plans... well I am now involved in the back-history of ONW and slotting it in to the Emperor and Elector web-ring - Tricornes have been bought, but not yet painted. There is also a fictional 1830 war in the future with France and Britain facing a Prussian-led German Coalition. The latter is still in a very nebulous form, but I see it as an attempt to reproduce 1914-1918 using Horse and Musket tevhnology, etc.