Sunday, 12 July 2009


One aspect of Imagi-nations I really enjoy is imagining things! Those of you who have kept up with current affairs (c1700) in ONW will know that a vague, potential threat has materialised in the secretive and mysterious Slavonian Empire. The new Avtokrator, Pyotr III, is flexing his military muscles, and for some reason best known to his poor deranged self, he has ordered that his army be re-uniformed, re-equipped and reorganised. What was a motley collection of regiments has been organised into 25 legions, each legion containing 20 battalions. Obviously, such a re-orgaionsation required some sort of system in the design and allocation of colours. Such a system was devised, and is being implemented. But quite frankly, the results, apart from the Vexillium shape of infantry colours and cavalry standards, is boring. Not so, with the irregular border horse, or Kozakim. Here the various Attamans dug in their heels, re-stated their claim that they were free land-holders and would continue to fight, if they consented to do so, under their ancient banners. so, without further ado, here are the banners of the Attamans of the six Kozakim Ordos.

Note that these images are not to scale, the long pennants of the Dan, Ostrakhan and Urak Ordos are somewhere about 20 feet in length. The other Ordo's banners are of a commendsurate size, and are normally mounted on a cart, rather than carried by a rider.


Frankfurter said...

nice work, how did you manage to compose those flags?

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent and varied banners here! The ones in the next post are very good, too (even if they are more standardized - armies must have standards...)>

Byrhthelm said...

Messieurs, Merci des compliments,


All my flags and uniforms are created in 'Paint'. I have made/collected via clipart a number of suitable badges and devices that I cam then use to make flags. shelds. etc. Some of the ones I have collected are used 'as is' others are adapted to a greater or lesser degree. Examples: The rearing horse is adapted, while the wolf's face is drawn from scratch. The knotwork on the red pennant was created from scratch - not an experiment I'm likely to repeat in te near future, it took over two hour to produce. The rerst is applied imagination and a great deal of copy and paste.

Fitz-Badger, Ouch! Even I wouldn't use such an awful pun ;-) - although I did consider something like it.

abdul666 said...

'Accurately' unconventional and 'exotic', not to write 'barbarian'! Looking forward for the uniforms. Maybe David would even provide variants of his templates, but anyway you'd be restricted to what can be obtained from commercial minis with painting, minimal conversions and perhaps headswappings?
Late for 'our' period, but with not-so-usual uniforms: Raclawice 1794.

Byrhthelm said...


Thank you. You've identified the very aspect I was trying to convey - semi-civilised, at best.

Not too late for our period, the Slavonian Empire comes to our notice under Pyotr the Mad in 1701, and these banners are for his army.