Sunday, 12 July 2009

Regular Units of the Slavonian Empire

From top to bottom:

22nd Regiment of Horse
28th Regiment of Dragoons
1st Infantry Legion
3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment, 9th Infantry Legion

All regular units have Standards Guidons and Colours of the above pattern, only the facings colours and numbers change to show the different units. Like I said, Ho-hum.


abdul666 said...

Not boring at all -unless one has to peruse (or *color*) the 500 battalion colours? The vexillum shape of the regular cavalry standards is specially in-character (though Pyotr doesn't seem fond of traditional religious themes: part of the 'modernization' of the Slavonian Empire?): one such is brandished by the Rasputin-like hirsute monk leading the upstairs *mounted* charge in 'The Scarlet Empress', followed by Marlene Dietrich / soon-to-be Catherin II in white hussar uniform and a troop of wild Cossacks - a great moment of heroic fantasy, but such a memorable scene (unfortunately not steaming on YouTube, akaik).

Eagerly looking forward for the OOB.

Byrhthelm said...
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Byrhthelm said...

OK, second attempt, let's see if I get this one to make sense:

"Not boring at all -unless one has to peruse (or *color*) the 500 battalion colours?"

Well, er... the thing is... well... actually I did just that :-(. I REALLY need to get a life! ;-)

"Pyotr doesn't seem fond of traditional religious themes: part of the 'modernization' of the Slavonian Empire?"

Spot on! Pyotr is determined to modernise both the army and the Empire. He has decided to do away with 'religious superstitin'. His real reason, however, is that he wants no possible confusion of loyalties between Church and State (ie, himself). You will perhaps note that the intenseley religious Kozakim have retained religious imagery on three of their banners (if you include the finials).

A J said...

Very nice designs! The vexillum style banners add a dash of the exotic. Flags and banners are an excellent way to cut loose with the imagination.

abdul666 said...

Legions -each with a large vexillum banner- made of battalions -each with its flag of 'classical' pattern: de Saxe was to copy this in his 'Reveries'; Pyotr is indeed a man in advance on his own time.

What about a table of facing colors?

Byrhthelm said...


Not quite, the battalion standards are also vexillia.

A table for Horse and Dragoon facing colours would be doable in fairly short order. But although the foot have standards to a set (actually three different patterns)pattern, there are exceptions due to clash/match with the background tint. But yes, possibly.

Invidentally, I have never read de Saxe. I can only find him in the original Fench, and while my command of the language is pretty good, I find his style fairly inmpenetrable (probably because it is 18th C).