Thursday, 9 July 2009

The World Expands...

Well, the pigeons are certainly fluttering in the dovecote! The enigmatic Slavonian Empire has recently had a change of ruler. The Avtokrator Mikhail has died suddenly and has been succeeded by his second son, Pyotr. What has happened to his elder brother, Aleksander, is the question on everybody's lips. Unfortunately for the peace of the eastern half of the continent, Pyotr Mikhailovitch has only the frailest grip on reality, and has declared himself Avtokrator of Pan Slavia - pretty harmless stuff you might think - but a number of Slavian statelets shelter under the umbrella of our benevolent Kaiser Leopold; in effect Pyotr's declaration is a challenge to the Empire. As if this were not enough, he has, and without any sort of historical justification, demanded that Skania cede to him her overseas territories on the south and east shores of the Baltic.

Initial reports smuggled out of Slavonia seemed to suggest that Pyotr was militarily weak, capable of fielding a maximum of 25 regiments of foot, 3 'wings' of horse and six 'wings' of dragoons, until the horrible realisation sunk in. He can in fact field 25 legions of foot - each legion consisting of 20 battalions and each 'wing' of horse and dragoons consists of 16 'pulk' or regiments! In other words, 400 battalions of foot, 48 regiments of horse and 96 regiments of dragoons; somewhere in the region of half a million regular troops - not to mention the uncounted and uncountable hordes of irregular border horse, or 'Kozakim'.

Of course, most of his army is woefully deficient in training, arms and uniforms, but even so, sheer numbers must count for something.

Fortunately, the Slavonian Empire is a vast territory, extending from the White Sea in the north to the Black and Caspian Seas in the south, and from the eastern frontier of the Kaiserreich to the Pacific Ocean and is home to many disparate peoples the majority of whom would be overjoyed to throw the yoke of Petrograd, and if these territories were to be stripped of troops, then a gambling man who staked his all on revolution could comfortably do so - what sort of odds he would get is another kettle of fish entirely. Under a ruler with some grasp of realpolitik, therefore, only a fraction of Pyotr's total armed forces could be mobilised against the West, but as already stated, his grasp on reality is somewhat tenuous. He has already antagonised the Kaiser, threatened Skania with war and has seriously armed those states of the Kaiserreich that are within striking distance of Slavonia's borders. Added to this, the Slavonian Empire has been involved in a territorial war with the Sublime Porte for years - which should have been enough aggravation for anyone, but Pyotr is, alas - Pyotr.


ColCampbell50 said...

Will he become known as "Peter the Mad" then?


Byrhthelm said...

Well, either that or 'The Monster Raving Loony Pyotr'. ;-)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Perhaps "Pyotr the Usurped"? We shall have to wait and see.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

'The Monster Raving Loony Pyotr' LOL

But with that much power to command, a frigthening prospect!

abdul666 said...

Already known as Picrochole Pyotr in some French-speaking circles, with reference to "Bitter Bile", the grotesque world-conqueror-to-be in Rabelais' Gargantua.